Feb 22, 2009

VietNam KitChen, One Utama New Wing

Lately hitoMi has been Eating out with HigHer frequenCy, yea yea, you are definitely right!!

ConstrucTed Hypothesis :
  • HiTomi has NOthing to eat at HoMe
  • HitoMi has beCOme richer
  • HiTomi has more dates to GO
  • HitoMi waNna put on more weight
So which One do you think?? Kindly proceed to the POLL at the top Right corner.

tHis particular SunDay, I met up with the High Profile Blogger, Huai Bin, upon his request for compensating the Several delayed appointments. He has Got his TonGue pierced, not Mine^^ and we Watched Curious Case of BenjaMin Buttons.

By the time the Movie rolled up, it was the time to decide where-to-eat...As usual, there are so Many choices here and definitely we needed More time to hesitate about.

tHis is the VietNam KitChen

There were pretty Much people around - would it mean their Food is yuM yuM too??

tHis is the most VietNamese picture I have taken in the Restaurant itself - The Symbolic HatS

Functionality has Been modified - instead of Perking it up on your head, it is now stuck on the wall LOL

tHis is Rather Cheesy looKing...

I wanted to sit over here but they said it is RESERVED - WTH is this Man...

Bit regret why didn't I storm out. Ceh....

The food ain't impressive Either...I miss the One I have dined in long time Ago - SaiGon Village @ Jln Imbi

tHis is something Like Qing Tong (Mee Soup)

If you want, you can add Chilies and other sprinkles to add soMe FLAVA....But the soup itself is very translucent and simPle in its VietnaMese style

VietNamese Coffee - like the One I once Had in SaiGon Village - the Interior ain't impressive as this but it is Homely...aNd the Food Is definitely BEtter than this!!

Mixed Meat - which I regret of Ordering. It is served Chilled. Oh maN...i wish I have something else!!

Overall rating : 4/10

Huai Bin said I shouldn't blog about food for theM because we should be Paid to do that but considering the Classification of My profile, would I ever be paid for that??
Shitty feeling wei!!


  1. to the previous comment, there's no pirated here in uk, so have to download from internet..hehe...

    i think the hat sticking to the wall make a lovely decor...

  2. I see. Can download also not bad^^

    Yea..i think it is Special too

  3. hahaa..
    c d poll..
    no people think u wana gain weight at all
    but mostly think u hv more dates to go..
    i aso 100% agree..
    ur single life getting way better than mine..
    vietnam restaurant tiz round?fuyoh!!
    hw to consider high profile blogger laa..ahahahah!!!
    i love d pic of cheesy looking.
    really look cheesy for me.
    hahaha!! i become jerry edi...
    but no Tom here!~~~

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  4. Haha...really?? Wonder how hot is the Response LOL

    Aiya...single is always better. that's why i didn't get into any relationship yet... Or should I say not any available??

    I miss SAIGON VILLAGE!! Let's go together next time!!

    Erm...not that Cheesy though. I have one very cheesy one at B.Bee

    Ooo...love it Man!!

    I used to watch tom and jerry One!!! Tom & Jerry Kid!!

  5. mixed meat...served chilled..OMG~

  6. it is Cooked, Kuntong..


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