Feb 15, 2009

Telawi street Bistro@Jln Telawi, BangSar

HiTomi HiSses :
Just back from One Utama. Yea yea, everyday work also go One Utama, Sunday also Wanna go back there??

Hee...OKie la...After La Manilla, Bowl, Popcorn & POoL, we went to Jalan Telawi to haVe Dinner.
It was a full day schedule. Since it was the First tiMe we Hung out, why not??

BiT unDerexpoSed but I think it is Nice^^

tHis place is Classy. Nice Interior coMes with ClassiNess..

an EssentiaL ClassY comPOnent would be YeLLowish Lights

soMe SnaCks for You but it is not Nice!!

their Menu is super Lengthy and thE price is Pretty Nice too LOL

Hee...Playing with My caMera since tHe food has TOok pretty Long time to Be served too!!

aNd tHis Gary Has been complaining "Why you shoot photos of this and that but never Shoot me???"
ThiS is for HiM...Don't comPlain anyMore Or I will Bully you when You start work TomoRRow!!

aGain he complained "why you don't want to take picture with Me one!!" and there You go, another Shot just for You

we started to Take Pictures heee...DeVinder is PresentiNg Gary, and Her Bf, Hans

Now the tiMe with SoOn Khang & Gary

the Pictures always blur because NO FLASH POLICY - haiz...when Only I can get My DSLR

two Lovely Couples^^ Devinder&Hans, Zheng Hong&Gf (Erm...sorry yea!! I forgot Her naMe already)

then Gary & I came In wakaka!!

GaRy wanna be Third Party or Light Bulb

see...everyBody so Boring...when would the food Come??

tHe waiter PLaced the FOod under the Light - NiCe effect isn't it??

FINALLY, Our food Came...

BraiSed ChiCken Breast
- there is SmooTh fiLLing in it which I think it is sour yet tantalizing But it filled my stomach real Fast. I had two pieces of it and My gauge is 80% filled. I like to eat with MayoNaise though. OnCe I took a bite on the Tomatoes, the juice filled my Mouth - that feeling is NiCE.
Rating : 8.5/10

BologNaise with HotDog I guess..tHe taste is abit spicy. But it does just GOod. I love it though. The Noodle is cooked just right to preserve certain level of elasticity. If not because I was pretty full, I would clean the Plate.
Rating : 8/10

BaKed potatoes - It is OverBaked. TOo hard to Chew on. Not nice at all. Rating : 1/10

Fish & Chips - I have no chance trying it so NO comments^^

It is Nice place to hang out but the Budget has to be Higher if you want soMe fine Wine to match with your fiNe dishes..anYone hunGry now??


  1. Looks like a great place to eat!

    Tomorrow! Secret rendezvous place for more FIRE! =D

  2. Kuntong, I assure you it is Nice like Heaven but the price also pretty high yet accceptable.

  3. Yeappie...jom pergi sana!

    You want me caught on fire meh??haha...

  4. WAIT...... you know a Neo Soon Khang?!!! hahaha... how? he junior.. such a small world.. :-D

  5. marCus, I know soon khang from St John. You too right??

    You mean he is your junior??

  6. oooooo..
    tiz bistro look nice mann.
    every restaurant u go aso look so speciall..
    bring me go nex rounds....

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  7. how come no one is ordering beer in the bistro... or u just didn't put in... cheers!

  8. Sa-Mon, next time if got chance la. It has been such a long time I didn't meet with you.

    Kennhyn, Haha...the budget is bit low. that's why

  9. u know good laa.
    i been missing you for so long tim~~~
    but i gt keep updated wit ur blog.
    to know wut u goin on.
    audit nvr been easy..haha!!
    anyhw, gambade for all..

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  10. Heee...at least got people miss me^^

    If you want you can come to one utama , then we can go movie or makan after my office hour

    I wil hang on^^


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