Feb 5, 2009

RoLLer to the ButtoCk woRLd

HiTomi Hisses :
My ButtoCk & body is PaiN...argh!!! I don't care...I am going to Mid Valley.

Back to RoLLer sKate adventure...
It was HiToMi's first tiMe playing roller skates, though I tried ice skating for around 4 tiMes.

Theoritically both roller skating and ice skating would be the same, the only difference would be the surface.

All you got to do is Go to 3th Floor of Sungai Wang Plaza and pay your RM18 to get your Ticket here.

there are very strict - each and every one must have socks before entering & stupidly, no water bottle (there we lost our bottles...Damn it!!)

tHis picture seems bit futuristic. Just how I like it. People passed by and created the Blurrish effect. They skate Damn Fast...

Can HiTomi skate that fast too???

All the skaters are way younger than I do. I felt myself dressed up rather matured OMG...and this Leng Lui here sat there & I just took it.

I have got Myself a pair of roller shoe, and set off sooN I have got it worn tight & steady

Initially, I managed to Balance myself. but the Thing is You hardly avoid people like this Banged you every Now and thEn...WTH, my Buttock still Pain now...

I landed with such a Momentum that My buttock immediately felt the Pang of Agony.
Not once, not twice but more than 4times!!

the First Bang was enough to Make me suffer for two days...the first fella banged me and offered to teach me. Guess what, he brought me few rounds then said Bye bye...

I haven't even know how to skate with steady pace. FiNe...then Met another two skaters, who are kind enough to teach us, yes, 4 of us and they brought us went round and round making train like this>>>

they moved super fast, we just rolled on following the speed without me controlling it...but it was COool!!

at random TiMes, we bought soMethiNg to drink & eat...
tHey even gave out Ang Pao if you bought something from here!!

Joachim here, redeemed 3 ang paos and 3 of them are Free Passes to Roller - sounds great right??
Wait wait wait...
The free passes are redeemable at PeNaNg!!! WTH is this...

Oh yea...this Joachim Made me fell twice...for pushing me - I waRNed him not to do aGAin!!

restiNg coRner...

My brother fell the most for he had such a hard time balancing, trying to control the roller.
Sasha was so dependent that she wanted to cling on me, once I have mastered the basic.
Joachim is better because it is not the first time for him but he fell rather badly because he tripped on somebody...

everybody has Fell for at least Once...
we bought Famous Amos then we drove our way back.

According to Joachim,
BeiJing tarak Famous Amos - Impossible meh??

they Had cheezel, milo & tvb dramas at My house

and Me, was suffering Severe Buttock Pain...

I wanna Cry & sLeep can?? It is pain & tiring!!

at Night, we sent Joachim & Sasha back to Desa Park City & had dinner at Tuck Kee seafood restaurant...

Taste-Me soy sauce & mom& bro talking secrets

we waited Freaking Long!! though my cousin had booked & placed the ordered that afternoon

Everything went astray...Hungry, tired, pain, & my contact lenses were irritating Me - guess there is a tiny hole in it.

thank GOodness we had Famous Amos for snack...this Joachim so Like famous Amos.
I promised him to buy him 200gm next tiMe when he comes back to Malaysia.

My mom was bored...

My aunt was too free to scan here and there...the Guy beside Sasha is My cousin. trisha is His younger daughter

My bro was busy Sms-ing

And me, snappiNg here & there...but no food Pictures because they didn't look nice due to unrevealed reasons...

Overall I would rate it 5/10. The favourite dishes of Mine are the Prawns & Yee Sang!! always Like prawns^^

Don't go that restaurant for their services are so Bad...left almost 14 of us Suffering HUngerness...for almost an hour!! Further deduction - rating: 4/10

Last but not least, let's Have a Peek at how the Roller world Looks like

Enjoy...on the expense of my AgoNy


  1. ooo sg wang..i could have guessed so..hahaha

  2. I usually went there dinner wit family, i rate 6/10 for their foods!

    perhaps u went there during cny, so their services kinda bad luu.. lol

  3. hitomi>yatz

    Yea lo...s.wang rob money. Haha!!


    Maybe la...But then really NOt nice lo. Haiz...made us wait so freaking Long~!! Mana tau they forgot our orders!!

  4. I still think ice-skating is much more fun. xD

  5. Ice rink is Much bigger!! mOre space to MOve around


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