Feb 10, 2009

ResTauRant One, Desa Park City WaterFronT

HiToMi HiSses :
ToDay is My first day of Work at KPMG, one of the Big4 Assurance Providers. Feeling anxious & exciting!!

RemeMber I went Shooting at Desa Park City WaterFront??

Shot with EgGy's NiKon D60 (intended wrong setting)

We dined in this particular REstaurant, which according to Eggy, is belonged to Kim Gary [Shot with EgGy's NiKon D60]

LoVe tHe liGhts [Shot with EgGy's NiKon D60]

tHey have WarM & Classy Interior - just how I like it [Shot with EgGy's NiKon D60]

tHe BoOth & NiGht view...[ Shot with EgGy's NiKon D60 ]

Shot with Olympus FE-320...NiCe??

Instead of DiNing inside, we chose the alfresco seating. You can see the Lake view while Having your dinNer...
It would be roMantic if there is light breeze & perfect Partner...

AnY drinKs?? Shot with EgGy's NiKon D60 with her at BackgrounD

Drinks not interested...I would rather have something to fill my grumbling tummy

My Ma Lat Mee....expected to be Spicier though

eGgy's but I forgot what is it...Like Qing Tong nia but they have special WanTans

Cute little CouSiN of Pui Yee's (erm...not really sure what is their relationship though)

It wasn't long we hung out because the Niece wanted to go back and have dinner..She onLy wants to eat Home Dishes.

Before We separated, let's have a group SHot

EgGy + Me + CouSin + Pui Yee (Aiya...I got Nephew & NieCe edi...so Old tiM!!)


  1. Congrats! Big 4 indeed, my ex was an auditor. :)

    Where do you live?

  2. SelayaNg baru lo...Near batu Caves...

  3. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Its under KTZ. Not kim gary.


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