Feb 10, 2009

PuNisher WarZone screeNing - 090209

HiToMi Hisses :

tHe first day at KPMG is TiRing. We were On traiNing for 2days. My contact lenses were so dry that it Made my vision Blur...
However Free Lunches & Tea Breaks & Lappie provided. CooL??

Heee..Just added soMe CoLours to My handPhone>>>

a Korea Deco from my ex Colleague, wonder how is he doing??

Enough of the Digression, let's talk about the ScreeNing.
As usual, HiTomi fought for the right to Go this particular screening though My mom had wanted so Much to forbid me.
Another thing is Hitomi would be working the next day, which is Today.

tHis time, the Tickets redemption Booth was located at MySciFiFan Outpost, which is restaurant, serving F&B (need not to say LOL) and it is designed accordingly to SciFi theMes, like Starwars, Dinosaurs, you name it they have it...

tHe Ladies on Duties

Huai Bin on Duty (Spying aRound...) I want My pictures HB!!

tHis Man here Is going to Protect the two Ladies & sHoot anY suspicious HuMan BeiNgs

Can I take Your order??

tHe Menu does not Seem Interesting to Me, I had nothing but a McDonald Oreo McFlurry instead - Ehem ehem...that's my Dinner

tiMe for Sneak Peak

sOme carTooN charaCters, which I could not recognised

tHe war is On!! RuLe it Man

cRazy frogs Fused with Star Wars, ghost, and SpiDerMan!!

Grraaaaaaaaa....Dinosaur here..Run for Your Life!!

soMe Muggs?!

Joseph (Guy in Blue), Hurley (Man in Black) & a friend of his (I forgot his name, is it David??)
Nice to meet you again Hurley. Sorry that I have short memory that we Met in Youth 09^^

3Men on Pokers & KY on the Go with DSLR

CincauHanGus + Robb + ZoeYve + Yatz on Transformer Monopoly!! Rules Diff - sounds CooL...

Group PicTure - saMe 4 on the table PLus Andrew in Orange with D300 + David + His friend (or GF perhaps??)

Prior to the Screening, there were few game Sessions, where you have got to shoot with a TOY GUN and Shoot at these Dolls>>>

Saw the TarGets on her front?? Shoot'em!!

I joined the first session with Joseph and I have got myself a BiG BiG poster of PuNisher tapi I gave it to SureSh because I am going to Recycle it anyway LOL - It is hard to shoot the target!!

BeFore my Camera Battery died, I managed to Self shoot with Hurley

You are the Only one I shot with, besides HB...

OKie...back to the MOvie review.

I am not very good at it but personally I do think that it is somehow better than what I have expected.
You know, trailer has already shown all the best scenes but this time, this theory is WRONG!!

Movie itself offers you More and MOre...Great Stunts, More conflicts, GrueSome sceNes...
You will never know what the Bad guys would Do...
Oh Man!! That LooNey bin James is So YuCk!!

Overall rating would be 7/10.
GO watCh it Man!!


  1. Wow..so many figurines... and some are cute too... so nice to be able to watch the primier screening of the show...will go watch it if i have the chance

  2. NOw i know what it is called^^

    Cute one got!! I like Cute one!!

    Must grab it if you want

  3. I was reading the papers la...deprived coz no time at work. Heh!

  4. the cartoon character figurine that u dunno..is called Sagat, Ryu, and Vega from Street Fighters..

    those are not crazy frogs fused with star wars..those are potatoman..

    and that's not a dinosaur..that's a Godzilla..

  5. HUai Bin, Haha..admit it only la. You just flipped through.

    Yatz, thanks for the information. Haha, I have no idea how long i din watch those animations edi...about the godzilla, you don't cheat me la...how could it be?!

  6. LOL!!???? my baju wasnt orange!! hahaha... =D its maroon.. LOl.. or light marroon... hehe... hahaha


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