Feb 17, 2009

Old Asia Cafe, One Utama Old Wing

HitoMi Hisses :
Yesterday I went home around 11. So late that After I took my bath & set my handphone on charge, I straight away Dozed off in bed. Hee...Blogging at Work^^

This is the second week of my internship in KPMG. So far so Good. The worst is yet to come.
It was nice to meet some of those seniors, who were really friendly. Must say it is crucially important to be guided.

Here we went to this particular restaurant in One Utama for lunch.

The title has explained itself pretty well. So take a little shots around as I usually do.

Considering the importance of the interior design of restaurant nowadays, this one is the typical one with decent lightings and atmostphere.

However the seats are rather uncomfortable. Perhaps alittle spacious will help.

Spot those artistic masterpieces on the wall? It caught My eyes soon after I settled down myself and got my camera ready.

Let's decide what we Want to eat...

Pictures which would stimulate your acid in your TumMy and make you yearn more

My friendly senior - Jamie -

Bandung Cendol - Aiz...being Misleaded my the Pictures. SiLLy betul. Sirap with Cendol only...not worth it Man.

Nasi Lemak Premium - Would say overpriced for one buck nasi lemak is now sold at 13bucks?

My ChicKen Chop - Very Oily OMG...NOw I know why I added another One Kg..Ish...NOt very special, just a normal dish.

Any Nice foods but cheap prices in Bandar Utama?? Seriously I don't wanna spend so Much on Food wei...at least, not Every weekday.


  1. Looks good wor... think I'll go pay it a visit.

  2. Haha...it might look good but it is Ok ok only.

    Perhaps it is my skill haha^^(kidding la)

  3. bandar utama is near to my office. i wish i can give a try =)

  4. So bad tolanic...go makan there din ajak la??

  5. welcome to the working world...where u pay overpriced food on a daily basis~

  6. Artreyu, May be I should just skip my lunch

  7. Anonymous11:45 AM

    hello miss.. i have to do an assignment about old asia cafe but i dont have the website..is there any website for old asia cafe..would u help me..plez

  8. I think you have tried googling it right?

    I don't think they will have a official website.

    why not you go and aPproach the main branch and try to get more info from the management??


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