Feb 4, 2009

Nian Chu Qi - 7th Day of CNY 2009

HiToMi HisseS :
HitoMi5 BloGspot is FiNally Done!! I'm BloGging at Work^^

It was Sunday.
HitoMi went to RoLLer skate with her Nephew, Niece & brother.

HiTomi was the driver & baby sitter for the day.
It ain't easy Man!! Especially when My nephew & Niece are together.

I parked my Car at tiMes sQuare because Sungai Wang parking Needs 3 bucks per hour. Holy CRAP!!

We passed by the Main Entrance, and Shot these...

Choy Yuen Kwong Zun - It is all $$$

tHis is My niece, stanDing under Mui Fa? (I guess so...)

tHis is the FunNiest picture for the day LOL - StartiNg from Left, my Bro, JOachim & SaSha Tan
Obviously I was not in because I was the Photographer!!

StraNgers asking My nephew & Niece to pose with Them^^

kawaii expression

eating Lollipop soMe more

TaDa..in the Loo My dear readers

Just now Blur but not Now

SuPer Long way I felt - maybe because we were rushing...this is Sungai WAng Cny deCo - an old Hut, half cemented.

ChiNese Olden WooD door & few Cows - can see??

bamBoo tangLung

Why no pictures about Roller Skates??

Be patieNt...HitoMi is very Tired...will BloG about it SooN~~


  1. so cute wan ur niece!

  2. Heee...cute yes!!

    Chubby sangat

  3. Nice! People can still have fun in KL during CNY. I didn't go to KL though. Hey, there's a parking near Sg Wang (interconnected) that's like RM 5 per day. Best.

  4. Haha...knew you went to ipoh & be RIHanna

    You realy Geng lol

    I tak tau maNa actually...outdoor?? what you mean interconnected?


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