Feb 7, 2009

NiaN Chu Jiu - 9th Day of CNY 2009 - Bai Ti GoNg

HiTomi hiSses :
Wondering how frequent will I be able to blog after working at KPMG...

Bai Ti Gong is a Big day for HOkkiens as a token of Appreciation to Ti Gong for protecting Hokkiens from Japanese Massacre back to olden days.

so As Hokkiens, of course, we did Bai Ti Gong, praying for whole year good luck etc etc.

TaDa...all the food are decorated with tHIngs like this. Yes...all red oNe. And above are all HiTomi's own Cutting

Here was the Kim Jua, which had turned into ashes and DHL to Ti Gong. Wakaka!!

Yeppie Yeap!! Layers by Layers

I have no idea how many were they @@

tHis is My brother, busy forming those Kim Jua into Yuen Bou...I did help also!!

Let's see what we offered to Ti Gong tHis year


Fruits - DraGonfruit, Pears, Grapes, peaches, OraNges, Bananas, Lokams, Apples

Nian Gao with My deCo on top of It ^^

got Mee Sua, Rice, Mushrooms, Tao Kee, wan Yee, fat Choy, kam Jam, Tong Fan

Dried Longan, Dried LaiCi, Hong Zhou, Chi Pia

tHis yeLLow fruit here is the Lead - it is called Fat Sao (Buddha's Hand)

HoMe made Hak Gu Gui

sHadow PlayIng

Tada, the table was Set up!!

3 big incense stick

After everythiNg was set up, we waited until 12 then we started to pray pray.

HoKkiens are really rich (not including Us), even by 12am, the Fireworks started to Light up the Dark Sky above.

so Far, this is the Best firework taken

wHen it almost Burnt into ashes

this oNe also not bad but being obscured by smokes

a MesSy one

after Kim Jua was Burnt, then we Kept all the offeringss for Ti Gong, leaving only candles burning till the Next MorniNg

OMG...the next day still Need to work Man!!


  1. I like this post! Very nice coverage for that very night! Cheers~

  2. Thanks Zues^^ What dialek you are??


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