Feb 12, 2009

La Manila Cafe, Mid Valley Megamall

HiToMi HiSses :

Today was tiring. Was doing so-called General Administration whole day. Have been wearing contact lenses for more than 8 hours per day!!

It has been a LoNg holiday after mY last paper on 21st January. It was then followed by 15days of ChiNese New year, before I start my internship at KPMG on 10th of February.

Gary, the Organiser of this particular outing, was doing Great. It was the first time We hung out in a bunch, though we have already been in the same class for 2 Long semesters??

Many things have Happened and seriously I don't really fancy my college life.
ANyway, I was happy that we Managed to meet up and do something NiCe on this particular day, 5th of February.

Here is where we Met up for Lunch.

On that day itself, My tummY was not feeling well since the Morning. It was so Demotivating. Yet, I insisted to go. I took the medicine and prayed that My tuMMy would not upset later.

Here Comes the FooD & DriNk

Belongs to Gary. Should be FLoat kinda thing. I tried it but I forgot how it tastes.

Sort of Pie they serve here. Belongs to DevinDer.

FrieD KueY teoW...Pricey, but whether it tastes good, I had no idea.

Curry Mee. Belongs to SoOn Khang. It ended up the Bihun absorbed all the Soup...and he had to request for soup refill!!

SaLmon with some Sauce...tak tau apa rasa Pun...because I didn't taste it.

FrieD riCe. BeLongs to DevinDer, aGain...haha!! Never mind she has a Bandaraya in case she could not finish it.

Guy in Blue, named Hans, is the Official Bandaraya of DevinDer. Hehe...so bad right?? They are the lovely couple.

tHis is My gary, offering me FrenCh fries. what a Funny expression. He is siNgle and also No gut One...anYway, anyone interested?? Just tell me. I will give you the contact wakaka!!

Mr SoOn Khang & the Curry. He is taken. haha...

tHis Belongs to Me. LasagNa. Super Salty!! Like the salt no need $$ oNe. One bread not enough. I was taking the risk of taking it because I scare my TuMMy could not take on the Cheesiness!!

this Cafe serves Cakes too. But I have tried NOne. Erm...interior design is not that impression. So does the food. It might look nice but it might not taste nice. Another thing is the Price. High price for NOrmal stuffs =.=

HOwever, Restaurant next to it caught My attention.
It is Japanese restaurant with great interior!!
I wanna try out that Can??


  1. the pie make make feel so hungry @_@

  2. Have no idea of the fillings at all!!


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