Feb 11, 2009

It enDs~~

HiToMi HiSses :
Starting from ToMorrow, I will follow my Seniors to do Audit at Clients' sites.
Bit Nervous...what Would I be assiGned??

Today is the 2nd of working in KPMG, and also the last day of our 2-days training for new interns and employees.

It was a tiring training, frankly speaking because we had to finish SUPER LENGTHY assessments, which would take you 2 hours or MOre to finish each.

All of us were nearly nerve breaking, especially when we hardly absorbed whatever we read. We tried but it did not turned out to be what we wanted.

At least we did make it, right people??

Derek, Shalini, Girl A, Girl B, Shuk King, Nishanti, Tommy, Kian Long, Wen Hui, Geneviene, Samantha & John
Sorry that I forgot some of the names & the picture is pretty blur. Ish...DSLR on demand!!

aNother group of Girls

JooLee, Girl C, and Joane

I brought my Camera today because supposedly was to meet Huai Bin for Dinner.But too bad, his schedule was clashed. Next treat on You, dude!!

Let's have soMe posers On action

Derek (still studying in University of Sdyney but came back for summer holiday) & hiToMi & ShaLiNi

Most of the Interns on training are from TAR College, but most of us do not know each other more until this particular training which is a very Good channel for us to Communicate more^^

SeLf shoot Mode - as usual, it is Blur due to My shaky hand & non-flash Policy adopted

ShuK King (a KeponG Leng Lui whom I have always kept an eye for her in lectures but not a stalker Ok) & HiTomi & Nishanti (yea yea!! we are in the SaMe department - I won't feel bored)

Men In action - on the left is ToMmy (it reminds me of the TomHilfinger..) & Ken Long from KepoNg (do I get your name right??)

Nah...another One with better view. ZoOmed!! Innocent ToMmy & FuNNy KeN Long

O.o being in between two red Stripe girls...On the left is WenHui; on the right is Geneviene ( A very special France naMe^^)

after all assessMents are done, we are assigned to different departments, which Means I am going to Miss theM!!
Really really had good Moment with them. From strangers to FRiends. Ain't that Good??

so, Give Me your faceboOk or you add me, HiToMi GosetSuke, ahyo88@hotmail.com!!


  1. Regina10:00 PM

    Hmm... spot quite a number of familiar faces. So good lah you, everyone get laptop on the 1st day.
    what kind of assessment you did anyway?
    hehe.. hopw you have a happy internship period.

  2. KPMG...the Big 4 audit firm...allows you to take PHOTOS? I'm amazed!

  3. ah the labour force ... cool

    hope none of your friends got retrenched :)

  4. Hitomi>Regina :

    Yea...alot of them from TaR College^^

    About the lappie...not that good either. I have to carry it everyday. OMG...so suffering!! Bring to work, bring back from work...Luckily got shutter van. If not i have to walk for 15 minutes to car park!!

    CSR, Independence, Data privacy stuffs la...Very important!!

    Thanks...hope you have happy interns too^^

  5. hitomi > Huai Bin :

    A very good question. I have thought of it anyway. But then it is no harm shooting people right??

    SO long as i didn't disclose anything related to KPMG??

  6. hitomi > flizzando

  7. Oops...tertekan.

    Flizzando, we are just into the labour force temporarily. Hee...wont be retrenched unless we resign ourselves.

  8. ahh internship i see

    corporate entities love to take advantage of intern students

    cheap labour i guess.

  9. very cute lah you =)

  10. Erm...not really cheap. quite reasonable.

    Thanks for the compliment^^

  11. oooh shuk king..i've seen her in lectures also. she's always with another lenglui, janice...haha.hitomi stalk lenglui!


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