Feb 3, 2009

HiToMi's BloGsPOt is Under CoNstruCtion

Arlo My dear readers,

::: Hitomi5 Dot Blogspot Dot CoM is under construction :::

In the Meanwhile, I would like to thank Mr Suresh, owner of http://theredhalf.blogspot.com for honoring me this Proximidade Award

It is the very first time that I was privileged enough to be Awarded soMething liKe this, though Me myself not really sure what this award supposes to mean.

Hmm...according to Mr Suresh,
::: This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships :::

Meaning to say, HiTomi is a friendly person that believes blog is one of the ways of connecting all around the world - - A communication pathway that Links you and Me.

Thus, we Makes friends, who might be your good friends, who knows??

Last but not least, it is the Chain that ought not to be Broken. Shall I award another 9 people : :
*Drum rolls~~~~*

1. Eggy
2. Munster
3. Darren
4. Karena
5. Marcus Tan
6. Eugene
7. Matthew
8. Bernard
9. Kim

C&C on My updated New Blog Template is welcoMed^^


  1. Haha....already changed the layout still under construction..haha

    I love the layout, grey-ish and some red and pink here and there..wat can i say, I kinda like it.

    Good Luck For The Punisher thingy Dear

  2. heee...thanks for the Comment^^

    I wish I get it too...good luck to you too


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