Feb 19, 2009

HiTomi has Got herSelf tonGue PieRcing

*TooK a DeeP breaTh & slowly ReLeasing the WeeKday's TiredoMe~~~*

It was Sunday, after Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Five days of working would be enough. I need a break.

Normal sundays would be spent at home, chilling out, doing some stuffs.
This particular Sunday is bit Hectic I would say. But it is done so willingly.

I accompanied, or to be exact, I drove my family to Selayang Jaya for breakfast at their favourite Lam Mee stall. Then went to Capitol to shop for some groceries. It was kinda late because I had another appointment at 1pm.

I rushed all the way to One Utama but then it ended up I was the oNe being too early. Aiz...

tHis is the view from One Utama...

it is the exact path where I use to go KPMG every single day from now on.

RanDom snapshot on the Structure of the BuildiNg

tHe briDge

where it Leads?? Can see Anything??

It was the daY hitomi decided to give a Pierce on the TonGue...and tHis shop here, Butterfly, charges 130 bucks for it.

LooK so CreePy man~~

Ta Da!! See the Face??

too bad it was Blurred. Ish...

so BasiCally it is not Hitomi who did the tonGue PierCing LOL...it is Hitomi's friend, Mr Huai Bin. Just wanna say thank you to him for boosting up my blog's visits^^ It meant alot to me.

hiTomi was on her Self Shoot Mode again - this particular familiar place, this particular familiar pose - haha!!

Last but not least, waNna know how it is Being doNe?? Painful??


  1. hey...found you from Huai Bin's blog...

    just here and wanna say hello...pop by my blog to see my dog go kame hame ha!


  2. Hello there...OH man, your dog do kame Hame??that's COol

  3. omg.
    u dun scare yey ok..
    tougue piercing..
    i wil b fainted.
    i was dat video
    so spooky
    kinda like watching reality show..
    not hurt?
    d huai bin seems ok only?
    izit like punc a hole on tongue?
    somthing drop from d tongue?
    can take out one rite?
    i wont do dat for sure..
    nt rily hv good interest on people hu love do ears hole or tongue piercing..gosh!!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  4. DOn't faint don't faint My Yeye...

    I dun wan to rush your to hospital la...

    MY daddy wont allow me to do so and I also not interested to do so^^

    NO worries...

    That HUai BIn edi Immuned to Piercing la...you haven't see his hand. OH gosh...that's worst!!

    Yea..can take out one. But the time is around 1 hour or 2. or else it would close up!!


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