Feb 14, 2009

HaPpy VaLentiNe

HiTomi HiSses :
Few days of AuDiting Life would be enough...I don't think I would make it my future Career.
Auditor is just like KULI have to carry all the files, laptops, printers, paperworks to Client's place.
Plain CraziNess!!

It is ValenTine but I am sitting right in front of this desktop and Blogging about it.

Frankly speaking, there is not even Once that I celebrate such special days with soMeone special.
Birthday - Nope;
Anniversary - Nope;
ValentiNe - Nope;
ChristMas - Nope

Bla bla bla...the list is never exhaustive. It sounds sad. Yea, so freaking right.
And surprisingly, I have received not even a flower from someone special.

HOwever, what intrigues me most are CHocolates & Ice Creams.
Even though you will say Girls don't dare to touch them because they are fattening, but I still Love it so Much.

ToBleRoniZed Me - I love toBlerones so Much!!
Have been eating that Since I was small, subconsciously but the triangle chocolate has been My favourite every now and then.

I tried the Milk Toblerone, Gold Toblerone, but I love the black Toblerone Most!! Because I love its bitterNess.

If one day I receive something like this with My Black TobleronEs, I will Be Over the Moon~~

Or be it TobleroNe cake, I would Love it more if it is Handmade.

aNOther Chocolate that I fancy is this Cote D'or braNd. Have Been Addicted to its Bitterness...I would buy it whenever I saw it.

Its trademark is an Elephant. Just would help myself to Another piece!!

If you prefer less hassle, Give me HaaGen DaaZ Ice cream. It will do.

I have NO idea why but HaaGen Daaz would come first before Baskin RObbin or anything else. MaYbe is Subconsciously affected while I was just a Kid...

You DreaMing kar, Hitomi??
Yes yes...Dreaming...Don't disturb la!!

ANyway, happy ValentiNe to those Couples & SiNgles!! SiNcerely froM HiToMi^^


  1. this is the 1st time i'm celebrating vday with my beloved (always with my family in previous years) so i guess i'm kinda lucky... yup, when it comes to ice cream, its haagen daaz 1st then only other brands...

  2. i dun like choc or ice-cream.. bcoz it is too sweet for me. haha

  3. Cindy, that's a good news to You. Really happy for you^^

    Perhaps it is something special to be remembered. Be it your sweetest Memory...

    Hee...HaaGen HaaGen!!

  4. Kuntong, it is ok for guys. But don't say no even a girl asks you to taste it. That's courtesy to try a bit^^

  5. hahaa.
    then u shud celerate your valentine wit me..so special..!!
    buy u a rose ,ok?
    bt one rose nowdays valentine pricing was RM150 juz for 1 a genting..
    i beta present u toblerone and scoops of haagen-daaz..
    now i know wut u love already..haha!!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o


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