Feb 18, 2009

Dragonball Evolution Premier Screening

Seriously I am glad that Nuffnang is so Happening that there are always events lining up for Glitterati members & I am just Proud to be Glitterati - Fied...

tHis particular Premier Screening would be as follows:

Date : 10th Mac 2009 (Tue)
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : GSC One Utama
Hall : 9

This would definitely not my first tiMe attending such screening as I have been to Punisher WarZone's & UnderWorld III's.

I enjoyed watching the MOvies before public has the chance to do so, meeting up bloggers whom are fresh & seasoned, it is not just buying tickets and watching the movie. It is something very Different!!

OKie...back to the topic. The reason why I am writing this particular post is not for the tickets for I have already got myself an Invite^^ (wanna know how?? Belanja me first LOL)

I just wanna share these videos which so happened that I was the oNe filming them. Really sorry to Huai Bin for so Many attempts yea. ANyway, I am glad that he Loves the outCome. It proves that my skill ain't bad too^^

tHis is his Video subMission for a pair of tickets to Dragonball Evolution Premier Screening

tHis is the Second attemPt, the One & only one with Blue flame

Last but not least, the Final One. It is also the first Failed attempt.

It is enjoyable filming it!! FYI, the voice in the video belongs to HitOmi's besides his "KaMe HaMe Ha...." - it is not like I act cute but that's how HiTomi speaks!!


  1. Kame..Hame..Ha??
    is it the spell name?
    it look awesome..
    the flame.......
    u rily getting close wit nuffnang..
    Dragon Ball..i wana watch tat movie too.

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  2. Erm...about the Kame Hame Ha I also not sure..Hee..

    Yea...it was awesoMe. So happy when I saw it works...La...bt I wont do that Myself geh..coz bit too dangerous


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