Feb 1, 2009

Desa Park City, RidGewooD - Part II

HiToMi HiSses :
Yeah!! ToMorroW goiNg to RoLLer skate at SunGai WaNg...anYbody goiNg tHere too?? PLaNned of MeeTing Jade Z. there but I don't Have her COntact =.=

After a stroLL around RidGewooD, now Let's proceed to In-House^^

The GaTe is AccOmpaNied by AutheNtic yet SimPLe Light

It has lighten up tHe PaTh to tHe LiVing roOm

On My left is LiVing RooM, on My righT is aNother extenDed roOm, attached with BathROom.
Saw the StairCase?? Before the StairCase, KitChen is On the right, while DiNing room is On the left

biG sHoe Rack

LiGht DeCo has brighteN the PaTh

thEre is a sMall garDen further In, but you would definitely see it after you walk past the shoe rack

Detail shot - PeBbles

And I spot this FuNny tHIng in KitChen's Basin

It is exTendable, twistable, or perhaps...


tHe staiRcase to 1st FloOr, where they have 3 bedrooMs, each with Attached BathRooMs...

LoVe the eFfect

sPotted this when I scaNned through the roOms...GueSs what??this is a Chair but definitely aN expensiVe one!!

tHe FaN @@ mY head also SpiNs~~

wHen I walked to the ToiLet, I saw ALIENsssssssssss OMG
haha...aLmost fainted (I lied) - if I fainted, how I capture tHis??

tHough it was just tiny Part of the HuGe ManSion of NuMber 33

*BiT boRing eh?? TOo Bad I don't have DSLR & don't have Wide Lens to Capture the WHole pictures of the House...GoMenaSai!!*


  1. Gong hei GOng hei too!!

    Where is my Ang Pao??


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