Feb 28, 2009

DaVe's DeLi @ Subang Parade

Here you go, SuperWilson....this Post is for you.
It is nice to meet you in person. Because you are so Cute haha!!

It is My first time Meeting him.
He dropped by to Subang Parade to pick me up for Lunch while I was at Client's place.
So sweet eh....travel from Tropicana to Subang.
Though it is near, according to Him.

the issue of What to eat always Come to My mind whenever I was out for lunch. Really have no idea what else to eat. All so Pricey...so Wilson asked, King pie or Dave's Deli.

I said Dave's Deli. tHanks to him, the Boss, my meal was on Him..

Heard Dave's Deli is Good but it might not be...Its floor area is pretty scarce but this photo looks nice^^

it looKs messy...Interior Needs to be Improved.

My Hot ChocoLate - I would say More or less like Milo...Though I expected it to be more CHocolatier!! Don't you think it looks YummY and Artistic??

Wilson's PaHa...LOL with His ChubbY Victory Sign

Would say their salads are Real Nice but the Chicken, so called the best, is really Disappointing!! It is so Mediocre.

TaDa...My fish & Chip...the Fish FiLLet texture is Like Eating Grass...Better DOn't orDer this. Rate it 5/10

Nah...Boss got DSLR, which he has kept so long and recently resume to use...Haiz, I am waiting for Mine!!


Kekeke...this is Boss's POse One - tiMe to Eat

Pose Two - Hm Dak Meh?? (Ignorance is Bliss)

POse Three - Sek Dak Hm Hou Sai (Don't waste the FOOD!!)

PoSe Four - Okie, now a Proper One...He Don't want the reflection on HiS glasses!!

PoSe Five - I know HOw to do it...See??

Ooi...HUngry liao...faster Makan la!! Lunch TiMe one Hour Only~~

Yes, Boss...Makan Makan all you want. Remember My Photos!!


  1. http://www.superwilson.net/2009/02/lunch-with-hitomi-gosetsuke.html

    Is there!!

  2. i saw it edi...but so short can?!

  3. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Hey just for ur info, the last time i went there with my sis 2 weeks ago, we both ended up with diarrhea over 2 days!!! Be careful of the food there..food qualities getting worse, not hygienic


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