Feb 20, 2009

Curious Case of Benjamin Button

HiTomi HiSses :
Next week would be a Hectic week...toMorrow wil be a Working day while soMe will go Partay~~

Instead of showing the picture of Curious Case of Benjamin Button, I chose to show this.

Have you watched the movie or read the synopsis before??

If you did, you might spot the little twine between this "Wait Til You are Older" with "Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Any "A-ha"?? It is ok. I am here to reveal the relation between these two.

"Wait Til you are Older" is illustrating about a tiny boy who feels strong dissatisfaction towards the fact that he is just a child. The story starts off when an Odd Oldie he came across at the park, for he has the unknown chemical that can make him grow.

Isn't that what he wants? EXACTLY!!
howeVer the Effect is Uncontrollable because the cells will just keep mutating until the day he becomes real Oldie and eventually dies.

Curious Case of BenJamin BuTton
story line is in COntrary...

tHis poor little Baby is Born to be Old. Even his own dad abandoned him for he has incurable diseases.

The kind lady in the picture adopted him and raised him as her own. It is hard to find such a kind people in this world, I think. The aMazing thing is when You think he, Brad Pitt, will just die, he became younger as time goes. From old Man to Baby. THAT'S IT.

Positively It would be a GOod thing because he lives on longer than expected.
Negatively, he has to bear the agony of watching beloved ones die before them.

Overall it is Good, and meaningful. I was so absorbed into the story line that I don't even notice that it lasted like 3 hours?!
It is soMething very fresh, touching, and reflective. Would rate it 8/10.

The onLy thing left me wondering after the movie ends is wHy the movie starts off with a Reversed working Clock??
Took me so long to Realise it until now, when I am blogging about it. That's like the Hint of what the movie is going to be.

Reversal of time = Reversal of Life


  1. Yea, its kinda touching
    But considering it as a plain, no climatic of story

  2. i'm definitely gonna catch this movie... but its 7 pounds per movie ticket here T_T

  3. Bernard, true though. No climax but it leaves an impact, which is very important, in my own opinion

    CIndy, Yea...35 bucks man!! Buy pirated??

  4. ahem..
    ei u rily gt it right.
    d sotry seems remind me of tong meng qi yuan dat movie..
    kinda similar ..haha!
    i hvn watch it......
    in my donwloads list stilll...
    3hours sure sit on cinema til butt pain.
    but i guess u so attractive by d movie..
    worth it laa!!!
    long no hang out on cinema ler maaa.
    duno d updates aso!!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  5. Super Similar la...just that in another way round.

    Yea!!! When you wanna visit me?? come to One UtaMa then...always be there for weekdays.

    everytime you sure have updates for Me!! Haha...the 3 hours sure you wont feel one. Because you will be absorbed into the story line, At least, I did.

  6. there are more than that in this philosopy type of movie...more to review..


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