Feb 24, 2009


I should have done this post way LOoooooooooNg tiMe ago. But it is left Unattended until today.

Oh my God, MonThs, Man!! When I have the passion to Take pictures of skies whenever In the morning Drives...which I think I have Lost the Passion Man...

tHe main reason is I hardly spot any nice Clouds lately when I drive to work...So Sad...

ToDay is exceptioNaL...I snaPped one of it. Yet to be Uploaded soOn...

Sorry for the low quality photos, because it is taken with VGA camera.

But still it is Inspired to take. Well...yea, Inspired...

OMG...was chatting NOn stop until now I still haven't furnish my post!! *self-slap* OUch...this One is for soMeone who I has indirectly Hurt, and I felt a serious Pang of guiltiness In me!!

NO matter how, I hope he will Be Good...I really sorry for what Have I done. I will do whatever it takes to make you not Angry

SiGning off,
HiTomi - On Guilty Mode for the First TiMe

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