Feb 13, 2009

BoWL, PoPcoRns & PoOL!!

HiTOMi HisseS :
toMorrow is Valentine. SO anY plan singles??

After LunChing at La Manilla, we bought ourselves tickets for PINK PANTHER 2!! WEe....it is a COmedy. I can laugh all I want^^

Before POpCorning, we went for Bowling!!

At Mid Valley of course. Thanks Gary for the Bowling!! For the first tiMe he so Generous to BelanJa. So in return, I would help him to promote promote a Bit la.

This Mr gary very funny & very humorous. When he calls you "Girl" also very Funny. He very scares tickles. He will make alot of FunnY noises Haha!! AnyoNe interested??

BerNard joined us for Movie & Pool, although he was rushing all the way to Mid Valley.

tHe best Shot of the Day!!

Hans & DevinDer really Terror!! Gary also NOt bad after long Warming up...Keep on striKes only...Pity Me la...

Hee...by the tiMe we finished our two games, it was almost PopCorn tiMe!!

ReaL life Pink Panther, Mr BerNard...siNce valentine is COming, so I help me promote promote too^^

It was great to know him. It was the second tiMe we met up. He made a great entrance by letting me & christopHer guessing what course he is currently doing in the first Meet up. Must say he has the sense of humor & Playful!!

SinCe I was rushing due to TuMMy siCkness, I had no time Self shooting at Home. tHis will do.

MirroR MirroR I love you. I wish I have a long mirror at hoMe too!!

in case you don't realise, I was so brownish on that day!! SKin brown, dress brown, Bag gold, heels Gold. tHe only thing is not brown - - - > My caMera!!

Let's see...Pink Panther 2 is very hilarious. Great Laugh all along. Stupidity & SMart come hand in hand. However, I would say I love Zohan so Much that I think Pink Panther is not really leaving an impact on Me.
Would rate it 7.5/10.

Best line of the MOvie :
It is Sorry to hear that "YOU CAN'T SATISFY YOUR WIFE" - what A humiliation!!

after Movie, we KiLLed our time with PooL...not the One with water but the dry & SoLid One...AnyoNe thinks wrongly??

Real hard, soLid Balls...(don't be dirty my dear readers...)

uNity in ComMand

Let the Game Starts!!

tHis is My first tiMe PoOLing. Was great and I had lotsa Fun!!
Nice to SHoot around, AS USUAL.
Nice to POke around.
I know I played it so badly. Don't laugh at Me la...

tHe Light is just right to maintain its mysterious & Cozy environment.

soMehow I love low light condition...whether in shooting or just to Stay in.

HoweVer, my camera isn't good enough.

tHey serve Liquor. But we drank none. Hee...I dislike CArlsBerg!! It reminds me of the Uniqueness of Kahlua, Baileys & Aramula!! I love theM can?!

BerNard on action...thanks for the Guidance^^

the Master, Si FU, Gou sao aMong us, Mr Hans!!

Sadly to inform you there is no pictures of Me on action because it was totally blurred. Haha...anyway, while waiting for mY turn, it is TiMe for soMe self Shoots again...

Tapi this tiMe the camera Man is definitely not Me!!

Too Dark lo...so Cannot see My face but I liKe the Background!!

Nah...clear shot tHis tiMe...Borrowed light is what I call it. POser sikit la...

Camera Man busy Looking at the Balls...haha

I love the texture & the way it is

Wee....oNe more post to Go on the OUting!! sTay tuNed^^


  1. your brown dress looks really really nice... i wish i am bold enough to wear'em, normally i wear plain no-design dress

  2. I kinda like it too...very comfortable.

    You look great too. Ain't you slim??


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