Feb 8, 2009

BlooMing Fu Guai Fa

wHat else ShaLL I post about??
* Opening My BloGging foLder...scanning through...filtering...Aha!!*

Since it is still Chinese New year, wouldn't it be just PERFECT to have BlooMing Fu Guai Fa around??

TriSOme...*self Created word*

aNother TriSoMe spotted!!

Flower (LEft) : Never See Leng Lui kar
Fower (Right) : =.=

I got the Best flower for you^^

It grows in the pattern of a Flower Ball, didn't you realize??

tHis explains why...

PiNkish nYa!!

soMe tiNy dew drops oN it...

Perhaps I didn't realize the last time It BloSsomed...suddenly so Many flowers LOL

OKie...let me End this post with soMe Leaves....(Is this called Pun??)

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