Feb 8, 2009

BiG aPpLe & DeSa Park WaterFront

HiTOmi HisseS :
Just back from Desa Park City WaterFront. Yep, aGain.

But this tiMe I had Aramula, Kahlua & Baileys...tHese three liquors are cream based. Meaning to say it mixes with cream.

Kahlua (20% alcohol) with Milk tastes liKe nescafe; Baileys (17% alcohol) is not bad either; Aramula (17%) is the Best!!

Love theM all...first tiMe experiencing different types of liquor!!

Oh yea!! HiTomi is Going to PuNiSher ScreeNing toMorrow at The Curve^^ who wanNa meet me this tiMe??

Just been visiting DPC on and off lately. What to do?? My cousin lives there and we often have dinners with them on Weekends...

It was the first time of Mine buying Big Apple Donuts.

Must say donut ain't for sharing!! Because when I had One for myself, I enjoyed aLoT aLot, rather than sharing one with few because each flavor is different...

tHis is the LandMark...wonDer the Ella above is for decorative purpose or is there any solar energy storer...

in case you didn't realise, these pictures were taken pretty long ago.

to be exact, one month plus...when xMas was just ended...

that's why you can still see rain deers around...

I came here with EGgy & Pui Yee for Dinner...it was an Abrupt & spontaneous one..
So happened that it was a Saturday that after I was back from Genting Klang, I felt "why not go DPC??"
*Cough...Ehem ehem*
It may not sound like me, but I did it for the first time. Being Spontaneous...

HOwever they left after the dinner, Leaving me aLone...
I did try calling someoNe to accomPany me but he refused...
it is Ok for Me though.

LoVe the trees In Line

wHy shy Shy ar??

tHis is a Mini waterfall. It is NiCe to listen to the rushing sound of water lapping by the stoNes.

It is tranquilizing to sit by the Mini waterfall..If only I were alone with no bypassers around...

NiGht view of the Lake. Dots by dots of Lights illuminate the darkness that falls upon us.

eVerything comes in Line. that's Perfect.

Love reflection from lake...thOugh bit regret for not bringing camera just then. I missed those sceNeries that I would wish to capture so Much!!

Path LiGhtings

DO you see the word, DESA PARK CITY in the picture?? up the HiLL is where My cousin lives

By the tiMe I shot this, the battery Almost Dying

But I still Shot...

Until the Battery officially Died...tHen I decided to leave. Though I wish much to stay and Enjoy the peace of Mind.
Me & my camera, and No one else...that's how I like the feeling...

I will go DPC again with My DSLR, that's a Promise!!


  1. Screw the screening!!!
    u can delete it actually!!! =P

  2. Don't say like that la...sad oNe

  3. wow... i like the reindeer lightings.

    and big apple donuts is my fav donut so far!


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