Feb 6, 2009

6 PoSes SeLf ShoOt ... b4 Bai TI GoNg

HiToMi HisseS :
Today is my Last day working in this particular office. Yep. My part time job. My internship shall start at 10 February, but I still haven't open MY maybaNk account yet!!

eHem eHem...hiTomi was on her Springy MOod again...

Making the first Attempt in My blog to present you the HitOmi's 6 poses self sHoot...

Take #1

Take #2

Take #3

Take #4

Take #5

Take #6

So, which One do you think the Best??

MisCellaneous sHots

Oh well...I dressed until so Nice then My mom said : " GO change!! cannot wear like this Bai Ti Gong!!"

Haiz...why must like this?? So I ended up with this.

Up Next would be Bai Ti Gong exClusive...


  1. Hi To Mi!!!
    Macam aunty

  2. OK OK to compliment u
    I'm Uncle

  3. COmpliment?!!!it isn't a compliment at All


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