Jan 17, 2009

Youth 09 Day 2 Part VI

I promise, this would be the FiNal oNe...

SnapShot of the Day - On the Way hoMe

The day was definitely a tiring one.
From MOrning 10am, I reached KTM Kepong and waited for the rest until 10.30am before we Headed to our Destination.
All came Late oNe!! Complain >.<

COnsidering the Time we reached, we definitely had alot of free & easy time after we registered ourselves for the Photoshoot Competition.
Walked up and down, shot here and there...Before the Shutter Asia's Workshop was started

And what we Did was chilling out

HiToMi & MunSter - they call him MaMee Munster LOL

HitOMi & EggY

After the workshop, we Had our Lunch at McD, The Mall, and rushed back for the Round One photoshoot.
Surprisingly I defeated Darren.
COnsidering the skills and equipments he has, it seemed so unbelievable...

Before Round Two, we walked aGain...and this tiMe we shot the Graffiti.
Of course there were self shoots aGain...

EggY & HitoMi - EMo eMO

I lost to Eggy in Round Two. Seriously it was rather a CiNcai work...so it explained why I lost.

EggY & Me always Ss..no matter where we are.

in WashrooM

whiLe chilling

aFter I lost
I wandered around
I tou
ched the Snake
I played the Guitar Game
I ate my COrnetto
I watched those workshops...
was Rather bored.

SO Damn many peoPle have DSLR...even Munster, Darren, EggY got DSLRs...I kena poisoNed kao kao...
NOw always think DSLR DSLR...

Munster won the Nikon D40x. So Geng can?! If only I have got myself a DSLR for Free LOL *self slap* Dreaming again...

soMe of the Group Shots

so Cute everybody^^

By the time we went back, it was 6.30pm. KTM packed like Hell...so we decided to hop on another Train..
So freaking exhausted...And I would not be going to Day 3 either...

That concludes my Youth 09 posts^^
Will you support next year?? It depends on the accompanies I have...
At least this year was someThing worth Going - the photoshoot, the DSLRs, the Gang, the SnaKes LOL

* hiToMi might be Dying before exam this Saturday - super Slow progress*

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