Jan 16, 2009

Youth 09 Day 2 Part V

Hall 2 - Practically it was the busiest hall ever with lots of upcoming programmes

LiVe Solo by A girl whom I think is from ICOM - she looks so familiar to Me

InDian Dance - they Shake well!!

POle Dancing workshop - Interested??
It is FOC anyway but you must be Daring to go UP the stage and learn like Nobody's business!!

BeSides these, there were Jazzercise workshop, Locking workshop, Hip Hop workshop etc etc

GuCci with Bokeh effect - hiToMi was bored...

Graffiti competition was On for three days and here were some of their Final Products>>>

A lady with Rakan Muda LoGo

Guess NiPpon sponsored those Materials...

G-Shock with 2 Black guys...they are foreigners, Give some claps wei!!

For they showed their support to Youth 09 & strength LOL

WaNna pimP the wall??

Located at the Booth selling Sprays

This One in Hall 2 while the previous were outside Hall 2, the Entrance

There was live interview and audition at 8TV booth>>>

Belinda Chee was being the Interviewed by the Guy

I thought I would meet some of the Blogger friends I knew...Mana Tau ChristoPher & ZoeVye langsung tak Muncul...

But I Met David, and others SurpRisingly~~

Erm...but no photos with David but one with Josh Lim , Advertlets's Boss

And another one with EggY

TiPu u one...I came with her...

I took photo with Belinda Chee^^

Leng Lui Nya...

Hehe...this post Is not the final One yet...will Finalise SooN~~~

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