Jan 15, 2009

Youth 09 Day 2 Part IV

after the Photography workshop, the organiser gave us instructions on how the Photoshoot contest would be running on.

Basically you only can shoot 10 pictures, sequential and no deletion can be made. Out of the last 10 pictures, you upload 5. then you will compete with your opponent.

what a trick - DSLR can delete the pictures and left the sequence undetected...UnfairNya!!

the first Theme is RED, and yea, BLOODY red. Show you my RED pictures>>>

These five were uploaded and I have got through the First oNe...and defeated Darren, UNEXPECTEDLY.
Personally I love the first and the Fifth oNe...so Cute the eyes^^

Others not uploaded>>>

Next, the second round, the theme is ACTION. Here are my pictures>>>

Uploaded Five...Thanks to Leslie for the Jump. It was a NiCe one..Love the Third One though. Thanks to the Girl of XPAD helping Me...


this picture's feel not bad...but I didn't submit it...so Freaking blur!!

I was eliminated in Round 2 because EggY defeated Me...
Ala...Super Tired after all the Running and walking and shooting.

PHysically & MenTally exHausted!!

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