Jan 14, 2009

Youth 09 Day 2 Part III

UP we went and Here we were^^

Live Battle of Band was Going on doWn there>>>

sHout like No toMoRrow - Irritating =.=

But still Got onLookers

Lights Lights Lights

What was Going up Here??

GaMe competition

PLay & Win - Easy huh?? Nintendo Wii & Cash prizes up for grab!!

wanna have some Foosball?? No Prizes One...

tHen hiToMi wandered around and saw Lotsa Cup cakes^^

FoR saLe!! you can Buy oNe with RM 1.60

LoVely MuffiNs...wanNa haVe a bite??

Bag Lovers - Grab yours here!!

Besides cupcakes, Muffins and bags...there were lots of accessories and CLothes on saLe too...

tHen i went back to find my mates^^

mR Darren with NiKoN D40, equipped with Flash and Nikor 50mm

Ms EggY with NiKon D60

Leslie with Sony Alpha

tHat was what we did when we were bored>>>

we were waitiNg for the ShutterAsia 's workshop on Photography and obviously the DSLRs were not "Light" at all

CooLnya...if Only I have One...CanoN + 2NiKons

Wah...this One daMn big can!!

the Speaker was Talking about Focus

Bla bla bla...Basic Skills were taught like ISO, Aperture, White Balance, Depth of Field, Frequency, exposure

BanYak ppl...until we Had to stand

so AsYik with the Workshop>>>

Munster & Leslie

Darren & EggY - kaWaii Des

HiTomi was half listening half shooting Haha...

Eee...the Youth 09 habis Smeared!! Macam kena Pukul je...


  1. I spot with my lil eye, myself playing the PS3 =D hahahaha how was ur result of the shutterasia competition =p

  2. Haha...Yea...I shot it because I saw you lol

    Kena kicked at round 2^^

    how about you??


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