Jan 13, 2009

Youth 09 Day 2 Part II

Psss...Psss...AnyoNe wanNa give Me some touch??

Don't you think it is quite UNEXPECTED?? Seriously I did.

We had been terrified before we entered the Hall...Just outside the Youth 09 entrance LOL

Another Pretty Babe>>>

Lazying around like NO-SNAKES_BUSINESS - wonder do they carry this Pretty Babe around the exhibition hall...

Hehe...if it were to Bring around, I would give it a TRY>>>

Touch touch the Black Babe first^^ Was blurred...noBOdy with me helped me shoot & seriously the Snake moved freaking fast!!

Thanks to this Guy>>>

Close up shot of the Snake

Have no idea which organization they are under and where they maNaged to get all these in Youth 09 but it is quite an attraction, at least, to Me^^

Scorpion - didn't hold it because hiToMi scared kena stung!!

Cute little One...what is this?? I don't know le...but very cute. Always close its eyes onLy~~

BeSides those creatures, PETRONAS, which is one of the exhibitors, proudly exhibited the Racing car>>>

all the DSLRs zooMed oVer just to get a Good shot

Me only with Digital Camera onLy >.<

XPAD proudly presents U.O.X. PLAY but I have no idea why - the Guitar game is pretty fun but I tried Once only - Lose kao kao

Let's proceed to Hall 1>>>

wHat's going On there?? See it yourself>>>

Yea...MILO...and LoTsa people...there were some sports competition going oN

Fooo...Fair Lady>>>

Purely wHite...pretty Babe

Fair Lady & EgGy

There were more cars around but Only Fair Lady earned my shots^^

UP UP UP we went>>>

TO be DiscLosed soOn


  1. wah so many things!

  2. Haha...yea la...so many things!!!


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