Jan 12, 2009

Youth 09 Day 2 Part I

Youth 09 was just ended yesterday...
It was a 3-days event, organised by Youthsays, at PWTC from 9th January 2009 to 11th January 2009.
It was my first time Going to Youth 09 though.

It was Saturday, and Yea, hiToMi always works on Saturdays...
DaMn la...but I didn't care. I just informed my Fellow students that I was On something LOL
The sad thing is I must give them Replacement classes - HeLp~~~

Here I went>>>

Really PiG one...asked us to Print our passes onLine but ended up we Had to queue up at the Registration counter and get Chopped also.

Nah...All belongs to Youth 09's properties>>>

Guess which One is Mine??

We passed by the Kastam and headed all the way to the exHibition halls>>>

To the Right to the Right

PeoPle PeoPle + BaNner BanNer>>>

Here is the Entrance to the Hall>>>

eVerybody wanted to take Pictures^^

wHen no One is around

A lot of exhibitors around but Not Much really attracts the CroWd.

Show you sOme of thEm, which looked Attractive Me to ShooT them LOL>>>

tHe boDy shop - how CoMe here oNe??

ReViVe - Hehe...about this ReVive guy, he always passed us the sample drinks...
I think I had more than 10 cups in One day LOL until he also can recognise our faces

Don't PaNic - wonder what is it though

8TV~!! Who don't know what is 8TV you can go to jungle and live happily ever after

Gua Dot Com - Never go to the WeBsite

sHiNe - nice BOoth & I have few pictures Here yet to be Collected from Eggy & Darren

haD few cups of SHiNe but Buy noNe...

WWF - have you Joined the 60 Earth Hour??

Up Next - More terrifying stuffs!!

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