Jan 6, 2009

where HiTomi went on New Year Eve

Customarily It is got to be Me Me Me before I headed out

Dressed up as usual, and on this day, I felt like styling My hair

Shit betul...My hair after styled pun cannot tahan long and it ended up like this>>>

When I went to Toilet at One Utama

TaDa - that's How I looked on New year Eve^^

As usual, HitoMi went most of the places with her car and so did I on new year eVe.
Yea, I was totally alone...

Heard and saw some comments on One Utama's xMas Deco and so happened I bumped into it, thus I snapped it, on behalf of you...(Can can??)

AliCe in the Wonderland Theme

xMas tree but not exactly a tree - it is made up of Light bulbs, light bulbs and light bulbs!!

This is more like tree LOL...just that it has a pair of Nerdy eyes!!

Can't do any self shoot with It - so sad..what to do?? NObody hold the Camera for me LO!!

MOre to Come!!

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