Jan 7, 2009

what hiTomi had on new Year Eve - tHe CoFFee Bean

hiToMi was wondering around One Utama, to be exact the new wing...
Perhaps was influenced by the WonderLand

Have no idea how long I have not been in One utama for real walk?!
wanted to Find Starbucks but I failed.
Decided to go for Coffee Bean instead>>>

Officially the first Visit to the Coffee Bean

I chose this corner because it is kind of isolated. loVe privacy^^ and so I can't shoot Kao kao...Spot the Mirror??

the COunter that fulfills your yearning for Coffee & Tea

Perhaps Coffee or tea alone is not satisfying??

Look at what they Have for sale - wanNa have a piece??

For Coffee Lovers, you might consider purchasing their Coffee beans and other products

It was my first visit, so I asked for recommendations.
I took the ULTIMATE MOCHA>>>

LooKs unattractive eh???

But It tastes Nice!! Mocha with small crunches of Coffee Beans

It is Large size...but it would be more worthwhile

It would definitely suffice for me to read my Audit for An hour or so, while waiting for soMeoNe

ANy nice suggestion besides this ULTIMATE MOCHA??

This is What I did when I felt bored and started to walk around LOL

who is the SoMeoNe??? DOn't want to tell you!!
Come back ToMorrow to check it OUT


  1. ive been there for ages due to my job, lol!if not mistaken , there were no starbucks there.try pick and brew at old wing near jusco instead the enviroment are much more better

  2. Oh...you work there??

    Got la...at the linkage of both new and old wing but there is too noisy and too much hassle...

    Might try the Old wing too^^ the pick of brew is COffee bean's or Starbucks?


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