Jan 9, 2009

what hiTomi had dinner on New year eVe - Paddington house of Cakes

Oooo...before I forgot!!

After TGIF with Prue, we watched the BEDTIME STORIES, starred by Adam Sandler.
It was not bad, and I would rank it 8/10 Haha..
Still I love ZOHAN!!

After watching movie, we headed to The Curve to meet TwoOnes.
Who are they??? Wait la...later will show.

In the meanwhile let's have some PanCakes>>>

and Not-to-forget-Peek-A-Boo^^

the Circular area remained unseated throughout the night - why noBOdy wanna sit there?

Perhaps these Cushion sofa look more comfortable

concerto of Lights

Special Menu for the DAy + Frames + MagaZines for you to flip through

Here comes the twoOnes>>>

Two bosses of the day - CCR & Matthew Chang

Plus soMeoNe = ThreeOnes LOL (Don't learn this Hinglish!!)

HitoMi + twoOnes

Here coMes the Food, just at the right TiMe - KASTAM TIME
You know WHy??
Because the Food must pass through Me and Prue before it can Be eaten LOL

Proudly presents our Kastam Outcome>>>

Strawberry mixed with Kiwi (12++) + Mixed Berries Juice (8++)

Appetizer of the Day

Nachos with 3 sauces - supposedly to be KiD's Menu LOL - neVer mind la...let us be Kids for One day^^

Close Up of Nachos - Surprisingly was Very Very aPpetizing!! Love the Orange Sauces with some Chunk of fish

See threeOnes are back to Action with the Nachos - DOn't know where they look at @@

Matthew's Bacon with PanCakes - Nice to Eat with the Sauces
Don't Judge a Pancake by its PanCake LOL

CCR's Dish - Two Vege poPiahs + Mash Potato + Cheese baked chicken
I prefer Bacon Bacon!!

The self shoot of Matthew & Hitomi

Face was chopped but that's the Best

After Pancake-ing at Paddington, we planned to go Laundry Bar but too pricey LOL so we went to have some Ice cream^^

hiToMi's all time Favorite!!

we Had Baskin Robbin because they had Promotion On 31th December - 31% discount on ice cream!!
Ended up only Me & Prue finished it - CHocolate chocolate!!
Too yuMmy but I was too FuLL dui!!

After Baskin Robbin, I went home. TOo bad was Having curfew!!
Before that, we went to See Mr Tomato on Action>>>

Not the one at the stage La...that is Juwita Suwito & the Band

See??this is Mr TOmato with Red Shirt

Was stucking in the Jam before the Junction to The Curve..
Why people wanna stuck in the Jam eh?? Really funny

ANyway, happy new year!! I know it 9days ago...Tak Apa kan?

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