Jan 8, 2009

what hiToMi had as Lunch - TGIF

walking around One Utama aimlessly,
settling myself at tHe coffee Bean,
finishing my Ultimate Mocha,
meeting up with soMeoNe...

Finally I was here, to have my lunch!!

Need not to tell you where I went^^picture explains All

WaNna have SomeThing delicious & classy??

Broke la...

Hehe..after we have done Ordering our meal, peek-a-boo is all we do!!

Boots & TGIF - what is the Link between these two???

sOme deserted corner

Looks scruffy but it looks nice on Camera

Another artistic Shoot - that's my Favorite angle - it Always Be

this is the Shelf, which is next to the table we were sitting - anyoNe locate the BOots? the Car??

Oops...someOne is watching!!

Ooo...luxurious Drive - anyOne?? Let me shrink you into 1.5 inch tall first LOL

then You take One i take One yea???

Or you want to take a train??

our Table is kinda Isolated too *wince*

The food we tried Not that nice la...Stay for the Fun??

This is what We had and this is Who I met - RhyMe^^

Proudly present Ms Prue Prue & the Beef steak

Seriously it was too raw...we asked for medium though LOL
Was having hard time chewing It...and Prue Prue suffered after eating that!!


Was trying to cheat you guys only...YuMmy?? DOn't really think so
I prefer TONY ROMA's!! (Until now, Uncle JOsh still haven't give me those photos Haiz...)

Group shot!!

Prue Prue ar!! I wan Pictures from You!! Fai Dit OKie??

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  1. Always preferred the lemonade at starbucks to all its coffees . . but yeah :P i don't drink coffee so wth right?In a coffee shop>??


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