Jan 3, 2009

what HitoMi did On xMas eve

Alright, what I did on xMas eve??

First of all, I dressed UP - aha aha...everybody does that when they are Out to soMewHere, right People??

Got mY clothes On - LOL...

Got mY Hair Tied

Got mY Earrings On

Got mY sMiles On

Got My iNnocence On

:::I was pretty impressed with My personal Achievement:::
I have drove myself all the way from Selayang to SunWAy pyramid, and Yea, ALONE, which I have never try doing it.
Luckily I remembered what My daddy Once told me while we headed to Puchong LOL --> the way to SunWay
I reached there in 30 minutes and Federal Highway was just Smooth...Thank GOodness

TOo bad it was way too early when I reached there. Around 10.30am. And guess what, my appointment was12.
DamN it I didn't even bring my books along to study - wasted my Time and I was bored to "Heaven"!!

Snapped the Ice Rink, which was the Purpose I came all the way to SunWay

Just to Snap?? Of course NOT. It is More than that...

I parked my car at the new Wing, which I have never ever knew until I was hit by the sense of UNFAMILIARITY.
I have came across an Oversea Lady with her three children, whom wondered where is the Ice Rink and I have even led her to the Ice Rink by asking direction from a worker^^

aMaZing!! Later on, I wandered around AIMLESSLY...OMG my head was huMMing "where to go? where to go? where to go?"

I also Don't know La!! Just shot whenever I feel wanted to>>>

WisH I have better Camera!! Need wide Lens kit - Oh crap!!

Got perforMance!!

Love the PassageWay

Particularly the Decorative Light

Then I decided to settle down and had my Java Chip

I wish I have books with Me!!! two Java Chips but One FOC - ChuN le?! Thanks to ChristoPher for the CouPons

By the time the Clock struck 12, he appeared. I was already statically bored and layered with dust. And I was listening half-heartedly Most of the time.
You knoW what I meant?? I was DOOmed with BOREDOM!!

Luckily I have got myself On the Ice Rink after Lunch. Not to Mention Meeting his friends and got delayed awhile. Was surprise that I found out the girl is My friend, Sher Ryn's Best Mate in UTAR.


More to Come, I mean updates LOL...It was xMas eve & I love xMas deCo!!

the Ball


the Star^^

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