Jan 21, 2009

Underworld 3: Rise of Lycans

HitoMi HiSses :
Last Paper - Financial Reporting - Must Score!! MOre upDates on NuffNang screeNing after this - stay TuNed into Hitomi5 BloGspot^^

Thanks to Nuffnang - I was privileged enough to get myself two movie tickets for this Pre-Premier screening.
Yea....It is not officially released in Malaysia!! Ain't that CoooL~~

Overall, the MOvie is pretty predictable.
Because of some Mercy that Viktor (Bill Nighy) towards Lucian (Michael Sheen) when he was just a child, there goes the story...
To be exact, a NOn-vampire but Hybrid of HuMan and Werewolves baby Lucian - the first Class of Hybrid

Viktor was risking his stake to Keep Lucian to Vampire Territory, howeVer as slave. What is ever worse when Viktor started to build an army of Lycans by transforming HuMan into Lycans.

Viktor, the Cruel Vampire King - yet he taught SonJa to show some sense of gratitude, which he never do

Being treated like Animals, it ain't the way to Keep Lucian be happy with what he was.
All he wants is FreedoM, by unchaining the BUckle that Viktor has gave him. COnsequently, he disobeyed the rule - never ever unbuckle the Chain - he was punished.

Anger arose, made his desire to Escape from where he was and Gave all Lycans their freedoM, stronger than never.

He Succeeded with the Help of SoNja (Rhona Mitra). HOwever, his beloved, SoNja, daughter of Viktor, the successor of Viktor, was eventually being Locked up for betraying his Father's loyalty. His father found out that SonJa and Lucian are in love with one and another.

There is a part where Sonja & Lucian were making up but too bad it is censored, for the-reason-you-know.

SonJa (Rhona Mitra)

Viktor Lured Lucian back to find SOnja and Got them Caught. TheY were being punished. SOnJa was dead under exposure to the Sun. Lucian was Enraged, for whatever Viktor had Done to Them.

A roar of Rage and it rose the ArMy of Lycans...It was a Massacre - all Vampires were Dead. So did Viktor, under the Hand of Lucian. At least, Lucian thought he was dead. Infact, he didn't. SuspenSe aGain...

Viktor Will be Back, after 200 years...He definitely would be Back.

Cruelty is what Viktor poses. Terrifying MiMic is what He shows.
Being DaVy Jones in Pirates of CarriBean did make him Handled this Character Better than never.

In fact, his real person, Bill Nighy, is not that Scary

Kevin Grevioux - His Voice is Super Bass and Masculine - even better than the Transformer voice

After being transformed into Lycan, he Joined Lucian to escape and Fight for their FreeDom. They WoN...but it is not the Ending, but starting...
Definitely there would be Underworld 4, 5, 6 etc etc etc...

Whole scenes of the Movie are dark. Therefore, you cannot really see the faces of Werewolves. Though they claimed they made werewolves features even terrifying.

Werewolves attack with the sPeed of light. OH Man...there are certain scenes are even blurred.
Very BLooDy Movie and YOu would make Noises liKe "Ewww....It hurts" or "OMG...shit". Kids who are underaged. Please don't watch it. Or else you will be terrified.

Overall Rating : 6/10. Underworld 2 seems to be better^^


  1. Wah!!! U did this post late last night while you are struggling wif ur exam paper? **Clap clap**

  2. You are wrong...I blogged it and I scheduled it^^

  3. Why didn't come say hi to me?

  4. Ah like a good movie to catch, maybe just for some action

  5. Hello there! I didn't recognize you, haven't seen you in real life before. Too bad, would have loved to say hello. :)

    Next event k?

    I loved the movie coz I'm a big fan of the Underworld series.

  6. HitOmi > SiMon Seow

    Paiseh la...I was just standing in front of you while you took pictures with Zoe & The SponGe Bob Bag LOL..

    I was wondering...this fella very familiar but but but...

    I cant remember who is this..Sorry Dude^^
    I remembered the next day while I was revising My subject ^^

    HiToMi > HarMonY

    I Like Vampires movie...
    Haha..Because they are so SexY
    Go watch it^^ It is released in two days' time

    HiToMi > Huai Bin

    Oh oh...was talking to KY while you talked with your friends.

    I was planning to say Hi one tapi...Aiya...wrong timing

    Never mind la...Even if I talked to you, the first thing i would say :

    "How come you bring your Alpha but never use it??"


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