Jan 25, 2009

TriMmed & TiDied

HiToMi HisseS :
HapPy ChiNese New Year to EveryboDy^^ I have a SonG for You guys...WiLL reCord it SoOn~~Stay TuNed
Talking aBout my Hair, I have got it trimmed 2weeks aGO...TaDA>>>

AiYa...first Day ma...just Blew it by HairDresser, of course Nice la...after that Not...like the day I went ScreeNing, still Messy Lo...

BeCause My waRdrobe was Super Messy, I decided to Tidy it after I have Cleared My last Paper^^

MessY bo?? Super StuffY...I wish I have a BiGger waRdrobe though

Made me Sweat sweat only~~

StiLL the saMe la...

No Matter How hard I try to Clear out soMe, it still So Many

HaiZ....hoW?? It would go BUrsting out soMeday


  1. walao.... so many shirt sial=.=!!!!!

  2. SoMe rarely wear One...Banyak Jeans only

  3. Yeah la. I wished I had that much clothes. lol


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