Jan 2, 2009

sT mariAns' xMas party

This is what I called "PArtay"

Tender soft Creamy cake Landed on your soft and SMooth face LOL

Hehe...was kidding.

It was 23th of December, and so happened that it was Wen Yenn's birthday^^ I didn't know that she knows my secondary mates and she is now My coursemates!! what A coincidence~~

Pretty yuMmiliCious Cake before it is DESTROYED - I didn't eat the cake because I was rushing HOme^^ She took it Back LOL (Boleh makan lagi ke??)

We had xChange xMas xPresents^^

Let's see what we had>>>

Chocolates with Liquor - I wish I wish I have it!!

Cute little boxie - So inNocent looking but Not Mine...

Besides these, we had Cute pendrive, Cute set of Couple undies, bla bla bla...I forgot *slap My forehead*
What I have got is xMas cup and a tiny xMas tree LOL

so Who are those st Marians?? soMe said st Marians are pretty But what do you think??

Without further delays, let me show You those faces>>>

Mei WooN & Me - used to be my primary Mate too^^

Me & Lu HOng - she is tarcian^^ Scored full A1 in SPM, including CHINESE!!

Yin Yin & Me - before she took this picture, she Messied her hair LOL

Me & Zhee Wen - She has done CAT at SuNway, and currently Doing ACCA like ME!!

Me & Ru Jih - She is back for HOliday. Will be back to Aussie and Do her double degree...

Wei Chee & me - Sorry for the Pimples

Me & Kang Yun - Another One back from Aussie for HOLI!! She drank Carlsberg and Got her face RED LOL

Kang Yun - Her hair so like GatsBy ads^^

Sher Ryn , her Niece, and Me - she said she Can't recognize me...SWEAT

Familiar faces again - Mei Woon, Ru Jih, and Zhee Wen

Wei Chee, Kang Yun, Yin Yin & Me - funny Faces

Self shoot is All I did while they were busy caroling>>>

They sang all songs...from Liang Zhi Lao Hu to self-crapping One...

Oops...Now I remember, where is Sea Win??? She is the host for inviting all the St marians Over...*sobz* I did't even take picture with Her!!

MerrY merry xMas!!
this Time the Santa did not grab anyOne to dance. Thank GOodness and we no need to hide LOL

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