Feb 3, 2009

peOpleS - DeSa Park City, RidGeWood

HiTomi HissEs :
SakitNya buttoCk saya!! YesterDay went Roller Skate at SunGai Wang...Dropped Kao kao...
Oh yea!! toNight is Cho Pat...Hokkien like Me will have to Bai Ti Gong at Midnight, Cho Gao lo. FoR suRe pictures would be ComiNg soOn~~~

As continuance for Stroll & PeeK-a-BoO session, let me Present to You those ResiDents & ViSitors^^

My Bro & Baby #1 TrisHa Tan

More of triSha TaN

Baby #2 SaSha Tan

sHe is suCh a PoseR...aNd she so Small but she Has a roOm, wholly belonged to Her!! Not fair right??

sHe is suCh a pleAser too
...imagiNe of her age, I didn't even know how I could talk like her OMG

MaSon Chow is In the House!!

My AuNt & TriSha - wHy look so InnoCent jek??

wHen two Babies place toGetHer - Mason Trying to Urge TriSha to Look Over there, at soMething that Makes him smiLe!!

Kawaii bo????
That's Not All...hiToMi would not stopped shooting LOL
More More MOre!!

TriSha waNna cries...MasOn so ChuBby eh!!

two Innocent, startling faces

Heee...tHis is their GrandMa lo...so Geng...left hand One, right hand One...

Last But not Least, how Can I miss out Myself neh??

FYI, every baby here is My cousins'
How Many Cousins I have??
Erm...One, Two , and Threeeeeeeee
wakaka!! all Married..abo how coMe so many Babies le??

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