Jan 22, 2009

NuffNang ScReeNing - RiSe of LyCan

HiToMi HisSes :
wHat is Done was Done - It is HoLiDay~~~ Just DoNe tiDying My MesSy waRdroBe!!

So Happen that Underworld 3: Rise of Lycans ScreeNing fell on 19th January 2009, which was after my Audit paper and I Left One more - Financial Reporting - that I have better Chance of getting an "A"
HiToMi was allowed, by herself, of course, to Join the fun!!

Went HoMe & Got myself Dressed UP - too bad no self shoots because Not enough time
TheN I headed to tHe curve at 2.30pm.

wHy so early?? those who knew about the screening would definitely surPrised at how early that I went over there...

the Reason was SimPle...reMember I told You i have One more paper to Go - I would prefer to Spend my time & StuDy

StuDy??!! Where?! Here>>>

PiCture explaiNs all

wHen Good THings coMe in Pair>>>

LarGe JaVa ChiP FraPpuciNo & LarGe Green Tea Latte with Soy Milk (New drink...was rather ok ok. You might go for Vanilla choco too)
All for Me^^ It would suffice for me to hang around for 5to6hours

SoMe sNapshots at The CurVe LiLy Deco>>>

OutsiDe starBucks, the Streets ( MarCus don't know where is StarBucks LOL)

In the Mall

TaKen whiLe I had My ToiLet Break

Was Studying - seriously I did.

You knOw what?!
I spotted ChRistoPher Low, the Judge of I Wanna Be MOdel reality Show, at StarBucks!!

That DAy don't knoW why, I could hardly recall who is He when I first saw his face. Wondering is he some Singaporean actor or what?
When He left, then Only I recalled.

Was even Amused when One of the Staffs at StarBucks asked me:
"Are you Barrister?"
I was wonDering, what it means huh?! I just SaiD "No" but He asked " Sure?" @@

Up Next, I had Dinner at Sakae Sushi, after cHrisTopHer came by. Zach FFK me...Left me starVing, so Bad...



AnD suShi Maker^^

O.o FroGgy WaSaBi

Cold Taufu with Unagi & Egg, dipped into Soy sauce - First TIme trying^^ Not bad

SaLmoN?! NO idea

VeGe frieD

I have NO idea what they are Named...the Man who did all the Ordering is Him>>>

ScaNning for thinGs to Order at PC - Didn't realise they have PC for you to order your stuff - Innovative^^

So HardWorking reading wo...Don't I suppose to be the One?!

SaKae SuShi

I ate very Little...Was too full with Java Chip & GreeN tea LOL.

Then we Headed to CiNema, alongside with BerNard. It was My first tiMe meeting HiM. (You Are Definitely not any SpotLight, BernaRd...)

wHat a sMirk

the TriO lol...was Saying "Testing - shoot - failed" then "Testing - shoot - failed" until they complained so Many testing One^^

This Fella here won himself the T Shirt>>>

yea...D 3

FirDy & ChrisTopHer - Nice to Meet you Mr FerDi^^

TriO again with BernarD's prize, which is supposed to be a Sword letter Opener LOL

Besides that, I met KY, Audrey, Timothy, Zach, Yatz, Zhao, Daniel CTW, erm..who else?
Nice to Meet you Guys^^
To KY: I am KY 3 yea
To Yatz: I am Yi
To DaNiel CTW: LoNg time NO see...finally we Met LOL (5 years?)

The BOoth

Robb, TimoThy, Audrey, Pinky

The BanNer

Haha...This Fella here So Love NuffNang

After one & a half hour, the MOvie has ended. Hanging outSide ciNema with lotsa Bloggers whom I have no idea who.
But I do know some like Zoe Yve, siMon SeoW, marCus.
To Zoe Yve: Nice SponGeBob Bag
To SiMon SeoW: Sorry la...really cannot recognize who are on the spot, but I know this guy here very familiar^^
TO MarCus: You look very different from Pictures^^ Good Hair though.

On the way Back, I passed by The Streets, where Below my Feet there laid my car

Water Fountain

ReD TangLung

at tHe eXit, yea, in My car

I almost Could not find mY car - so Gan JionG!~!~

I shoot more when No One with Me, I prefer that feeling of not having restriction & Pressure

Oh yea, before I ended this post, Thanks to NuffNang...and

I Love NuffNaNg too^^

It always In my Mind


  1. First!!!

    since u wrote, i will reply...later ok!!!

  2. Wakaka...okok...wait for yours

  3. 5 years??? LOLOLOLOL... I think so too... 5 years....

  4. Haha...or more than that

  5. Erm...yea!! But you didn't eat alot sushi though


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