Jan 28, 2009

Nian Chu Yi - 1st Day of CNY 2009

HiToMi HissEs :
Sorry for the late post!! I was really really so freaking exhausted yesterday...

Pictures TiMe!!
Yesterday after I uploaded 141 pictures from My OlymPus FE-320, I resized them & filtered Them - leaving 77pictures for Blog^^

Indeed it was a freaking time consuMing process. After all, I have been not connected to net for 2 days!! OMG...so Miss the net!!

Without further delay, let me start off the Post...

tHis is My brother, just got his new Hair Cut and definitely Need a waXing session - tryOut attempt on CHu Xi.
Of course on Nian Chu Yi itself, I did him another Waxing session but no Pictures^^

Need explanation?? This is HiToMi, just got her nails polished, exactly the same way liKe last time & Busy camhoring with her Pinkish Camera - Again, on Chu Xi

Nian Chu Yi - all of us have to eat vegetarian food for one whole day - it is better than eating vegetarian every chu yi & shi wu

These were all we had for breakfast, as well as Dinner (Leftover aGain LOL)

Siew nGor

Curry with Mutton & potatoes

Siew Kai with Lotsa SeSaMe!!

VeGe veGe

We visited to My aunt's place at Desa Park City, Ridgewood...(O.o I haven't furnish the post on DPC their new house Yet!!) Got few Ang Paos, not to mention Big Ones...

Her House is FuLL of Flowers, Exclusively For CNY!!

FloWers from soMe sort of Onions-like-thingy - I like the Red One^^

Sao Kao Fa?? Those FLowers grow in BunDles....

tHe saMe, I think


FireCraCker FloWer


Spot tHis GoLden Mooo....Happy Mooooo Year!!

CuTe DeCo from BeiJing, bought by JoaChim & his Mom

tHis is Joachim Tan, the Big Guy, always BuLLy PeoPle...He just got back from BeiJing for CNY^^

tHis is TrisHa tan & her MoM^^ Cute bo?? She is the Baby #1

I had few of this Cute little Pear...so Small can...but SweeT~~

After that, we went to Desa Park Waterfront to have a Walk. we Fed the fish & we....

PLayed in the Playground

Yea yea...including Me!! I admit I am big Kid but it is DaMn fun!! Especially the Swing!!

tHis thing here super Syok...I screamed like NObody's business...Hardly stop it Once you started it =.=
It looks like those TiMe traveller Machine!!

tHe moNkey of the Day

the Last TiMe I came here for shooting, the skY was not that Nice. Hopefully this TiMe would do.

SwerVing Path & Purplish Sky

Heard that On Chu Yi, 26th January 2009 would have Solar Eclipse, but I saw Nothing. It was rather a skY like this - cloudy. You would spot Aura at times.

Before We left, I tOok this Quick shot. But it was a NiCe one...Love the bluish sky, the flying Kite, and Trees In line...

aT night, after Dinner, we went out and PLayed sort of Firework thingy.

On this Particular street

Here I was...JoiNing the Kids

Explosive, dangerous, yet Mesmerizing Moment.

Actually I accidentally ate Egg yolk on that day. What a Mistake!! I shouldn't have eaten that....Apart from that, I ate nothing Non vegetarian, hope it would do^^

We left for Mid NiGht movie around 11pm. All's well, ends well. HonG Kong Movie. It was funny but ridiculous.

Louis Koo, as a Love Therapist, was hired by Ronald Cheng to Cure his elder sister, Sandra Ng, in her perception of Love. Eventually Sandra Ng fell in love with Louis Koo,but it is expected because she has not beeN into any relationship before. Why?? Because she is rude, she is Insolent etc.

Alot of Funny things happened when Sandra hires Raymond Wong to cheat her parents. That's the Interesting part.
I would rate it 6/10. Wakaka...it still cannot beat Ah Long Ptd. I prefer Singapore MOvies though!!

By the tiMe we have got home, it was 2am. That explains why I have no time to OnliNe
The next day is another whole day schedule...

WOuld blog it soon^^

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