Jan 30, 2009

Nian Chu San - 3rd Day of CNY 2009

A brief update here.
I didn't take any picture. Though I had my camera with Me.
PLainly because not in the Mood. PLease allow me to do with some random pictures

Woke up around 10am. Ate my brunch. Furnished My post on Nian Chu Yi, partially Done, before I headed to Pelabuhan Klang, my dad's HoMetown.

Not I drove, as usual. My dad would not allow us to drive him. that's the fact.

We went to Visit grandpa. He was way older nowadays. Being 90 years old, he is considered can walk, can eat. Just some random Old man sicknesses that he complains.

Seeing the changes in him was rather a heart-aching one.
It is reflective on ourselves.
How would you be when You are of his age?
Are you ready to accept what he has been suffering or worse?

Alot of circumstances that are not explicable or perhaps not understandable by people around but you yourself. So it doesn't matter whether I share it or not because I believe different people experience different mixtures of things that No one would totally understand whatever I am not revealing.

When My parents were old, I would not ever abandoned them alone.
Because I would not want the same old thing happening on me. This is a proMise...

We helped to clean up things in grandPa house. Spoilt food, rubbish, stinky water etc etc.Just had the urge of doing so. I wish I could have earned more moNey in future, to be able to give good life to My parents.

If only they don't always compare us with others, Don't they understand everyone is different?? And how could you expect us to be the same as the others??

I believe I am brought up pretty well..Just abit lack of freedom. I understand that parents would always worry about their children no matter they are married or not. But this kind of restriction would be a reason for more nastiness. Merely because not every child can understand the good reason behind it.

I would not ever did the same to My children. I know how would they feel and I would teach them how to carry themselves. It is their choices and actions. So they would have to bear the consequences.

Let them to see the world more. Experience more. Shall they learn and develop their own personalities that stand out of what people thought they would be.

I think I crap too much for today. Anyway, That's what I feel, as a child. It is for myself to read once in awhile.


  1. "Because I would not want the same old thing happening on me. This is a proMise..." this ispire me so much !~ Good Thinking !~

    1. Good to be inspiring to you :) Life is too short to be regretful.


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