Jan 29, 2009

Nian Chu Er - 2nd Day of CNY 2009

Basically I slept for 6hours from 2.30am to 8.30am before I woke up and Dressed up for Bai Nian again.

We went to Sri Petaling, Cheras Utama, and Sri Rampai - 3 destinations and it almost concluded our Bai Nian schedule.

Had lotsa Biscuits, chips today because NO need to eat vegetarian!!
I bet I put on alot of Calories.
Haha...perhaps it was all burnt up later on.

In the meantime, enjoy pictures of Trisha Tan. It was part of my practice on Shooting^^

The Cute Little Girlie, clinging on her MomMy's Leg

Cha cha cha

The fuNniest expRession ever!!

Er?? What's that??

Yes, ANything I can do for yea??

Okie...we went back to Desa Park City after we have done all the visitings for the day.
We went jungle treKking behind the House, where long stretch of undeveloped forest lays.
Steep at certain paths but most of it was rather easy climbing. Just be aware of slight slips on the rocky path.

I love the scene when the sunset was taking place.
The sky was in mixture of Blue and Red and most importantly, Unblocked view on top of the Hill..
TOo bad I didn't bring my camera aLong. Yes, I regretted it.

I spotted small little bluish flowers along the path. They are simply adorable.
I spotted Rubber trees, and yes, they are being taped as I recognized them with the scars left on its skin.
Apart from that, Nothing much that Caught my attention.

It was a freaking tiring One!!
Especially the part where we had to climb up to the House, at Ridgewood from Sri Bintang.
OMG...long stretch of slanting roads were not welcoming AT ALL!!

that's HiToMi after all the sweats & Joachim Tan

Oops...One more Baby to go...This is New face in HiToMi5 blogspot.

Proudly Present, Mr Mason Chow

This is My another COusin's Son...Rich Baby





Best Shot of the Day - SmiLing - LeNg zai Le??

The Funniest Picture - the =.= face

It was such a relief to have whole body washed up after all the Stickiness...And to Present to you HiToMi's New outfit before she forgot again...

HOw's your CNY coming along??

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