Jan 11, 2009

LoW LiGht Self sHoot

tHis post is Meant to be Mysterious yet Emotional...

yOu know What am I thinking??

Nah...you definitely Don't!!


My hair Is naturally CurvY - not that Nice though

pHone call??

This is Cute One...borrowing light from My HandPhone - no Calls la...

sOmetimes people will say you are too Obsessive with yourself...But it depends.
The intention of shooting yourself might not be the same, for example this post...
It is meant to convey the Moodiness that Rules your soul at times

Hiding in the Dark CorNer & poNderiNg - that's what I called Low Light ShooTing

Actually I have Done this before I had my hair triMmed^^ will Post it soon

*update update: Just back from Youth 09 - so FREAKING TIRED!!*


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