Jan 20, 2009

KaWaii BaBes

HitoMi HisseS :
One more Paper to Go!! Go go Jia You...wiLL update more interesting stuffs SooN~~

Hehe...has been intending to do this post Long time ago but now Only has the chance.

Kawaii Ne...so Let me introduce you the Baby #1

Trisha Tan - My cousin's second Daughter - How rare you can capture like this!!

Trisha still but another Cute look she showed - Huh? what is that??

Baby #2

Do you know her??

Baby #2 & Baby #3

Sasha Tan - my cousin's first daughter & Hitomi Gosetsuke

I am Babe too^^ Who is cuter?? Sasha or Me??

I was Much much cuter Last time LOL


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