Jan 24, 2009

It is CNY - NgaN LieW tiMe

I was BOred, Not having the MOod to Read Financial Reporting Notes.
This was WhaT I did after I bloGged about LyCan ReView^^

GrOw & ProSper~~ BOKeh kao kao...that Made Me Happy^^

Too Bad sOme Grow too Fast & Too Furious - aLmost, DyiNg - tHeY look Like CaterPillar LOL - can Scare peoPle Off!!

MatuRing~~ with a Cap On it - KaWaii Des^^

BraNd New Life

wHen it Comes togetHer

eXactly how it Looks Like - Babies

aLL staGes of NgaN LieW are shown, still don't know how it Looks like??

NOw You do^^

aNy CoMmeNt on My Photos??

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