Jan 4, 2009

FiG & Olive, SunWay PyraMid

Followed after what hiToMi did on xMas eve, this post is basically what hiToMi had on xMas eve for Lunch.

It was indeed a Big portion to me. Was so freaking full after I had done with Mine. Erm...actually I gave out Mine too^^

This is the Place I had my lunch. Was starving but ended up too FULL>>>

Mediterranean style Restaurant - Betul ke ni??

SurrounDing~~ what can I do for you, Sir??

LoVe the FiG & Olive

Let's Help ourselves with the MeNu^^

LooKs yuMmy ho?? DSLR and Photoshop GAO DIM - Nice meNu done!!

Appetizer - MushRoom soup with Garlic Bread ^^ YuMmy

ForGot the Name

My fish & cHip - I prefer Fish & CO!!

Last but Not least, with courtesy of HiToMi, let me Show you mY luncHeon Mate

waNna know what Happened next??
I went for ice skating, with the LuncHeon Mate, and was surprisingly inept like beGinner..
Sharks that I have to learn it again...Was glad that I was guided but at the same time I was left Alone to Master it...
Felt terribly miserable!! For the first time I was not enjoying ice skating AT ALL!!

What was even worst was that mY car was banged in Car park - OMG, not that I didn't see car but other might not seeing my car.
WTH for the first time my car was being banged. Luckily not very serious and thank goodness I was safe and need not to pay anything - IT WASN'T MY FAULT anyway!!
I think that explains why I had a bad premonition that particular MOrning of xMas eve.

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