Jan 31, 2009

Desa Park City, RidGewood - Part I

HiToMi HisseS :
Sorry for delaying this post for a month or so...

In December 2008, My aunt shifted from SegamBut to Desa Park City, RidGewood...
We went over and had a look at their new house. In the Meantime, let me bring you walk walk around RidGewood.

The weather was pretty Nice on that day

Here we went, all the way up the HiLL...
If you walked all the way up, like I did on Nian Chu Er, you would feel it is not that Nice staying uphill.

Besides it is far from KL, as compared to Segambut; it is far from ShoppiNg Mall, not to mention Desa Park waterfroNt, mini Supermarket with Lots of Restaurants.

Jalan Desa Bistari

Frankly speaking, the whole Ridgewood is Jalan Desa Bistari...HOw postman can deliver letters without getting lost?? Haha...Kidding nia. The whole residential area is Small.

this is the House, spaciousNya

Located at the Middle of Going uphill, where the junction locates

The Street

Walk uphill anyone??

You will spot this house with Nice wall, lighted with YeLLow-ish light

The first tiMe i passed by, I was like where is this place huh??
Why got two Guards inside one??
The thing is They are freaking rich...self hire two guards wei~~ HOw many do that?

Because I was walkiNg alone, I dare not to walk too far away. It was dark...

Better GO back now....Haha...

On Nian CHu Er, we went for a stroll nearby too. This time alot of us, let me see, around 8. But the thing was I didn't briNg my camera with Me!!

There are few more residents shifted in. Much much Nicer houses, just like Palace!!
I was like OMG, the house so Long can?!
Next time I will show you. that's Plain Crazy!!

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