Jan 19, 2009

cHrisTopher & hiToMi SS

HitoMi HisseS :
It is the day - Audit - Die hard...Must fight till I die...Eh, cannot cannot...I wanna go screening One!!

13th July 2007 was the day I took my ATCL Piano Recital exam. I passed with the Minimum grade: "Pass"

I was pretty upset because I knew I could have done better but I screwed it when I played. Oh well...nothing can change it.

It has been more than a year that I have not collected my certificate.
One fine day, 5th December 2008, I went to Mont Kiara and got it.

it is so Big that I need a big bag

Before that I went over to take my Offer letter from KPMG - Yea yea..will be having my Internship from 9Feb to 16 May or shorter, if I wish to.

Many thanks to cHristoPher whom drove me to KPMG and Mont Kiara - or else I would be Alone lol...not really know how to go But now I know^^

thanks for the Chivas too>>>

Kidding la...he will Kill me if I drank it

MOst of the time I was racking My brain finishing my Individual Financial Management Assignment with His lappie...so sad...so Lack of Inspiration.

It ended up I had to redo everything because it needs to be more specified - Ish!!
Wasted my time only. Should have went to shopping Instead.

it was the Second time meeting him. Forgot to take any picture in first met up. This will do.

we Self shoot (SS) kao kao before I left home>>>

Sorry for blur pictures because of my shaky hands

Looking at someThing - guess what is it?

Rock it Babe - enough Cuan or not?? See his Chubby fingers LOL

Clear shot but he showed the face which people will be mistaken

This time he took the camera

It was me holding the camera most of the time

Mr chRistoPher SS until high edi

Started to act Cute

Blek blek...

When I have got home, I realised the house was out of Electricity. I was like "SHould have stayed longer" but thank goodness the electricity was restored a short while.

**I love Chemistry**

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