Jan 5, 2009

chrisTmas tiMe

xMas xMas - it was Over...it is 2009 now. So I have to finish all these ASAP!!

I loVe xMas - particularly the atmosphere everywhere I go.
Even Chinese New year is not that attractive to me, not to mention the AngPao that remains as all sole Lucrative element^^

xMas deCo

How could it be without Me!?

Purple hiToMi in the Ball world

BluE hiToMi in Ball WorLd

Ori HiTomi in Ball World

i Love this Best!!

Yellow Hitomi in Ball World

You mUst be tak sabar sabar wanNa see when it enDs kan??
Wait first la...One more la...

Green Hitomi in the Ball World

Actually it makes it like Fish Eye effect^^ But the balls Must be very very nicely handled off. Make sure it has no scratches here and there, or not, it would be BLUR...

Remember I said I set up a xMas tree previously?? Show you Now>>>

LOL...the so-Called ball Worlds I have^^


  1. merry belated christmas!! lol.. nice what the tree! clean oredi ah? lol

  2. Hahah...the treeeee...

    I tak tau macam mana it becomes edi...coz not at my house also

    But hehe...will check it out soon!!

  3. hopefully people would still give out angpau this year.

  4. why wont ppl give out angpao??


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