Jan 26, 2009

cHinese New Year Eve

HiTomi HisseS :
LiKe the Song I wrote?? Happy ChiNese New Year everyBOdy!!
TomoRrow I am going to Watch Mid Night show but Don't know what MOvie yet - secretive LOL - with My aunt, My cousins^^

Basically for every Chinese new year eve, HokkienS will cook nice meal for their ancestors.
And the same old custom being practiced from year to year.

We ended up not finishing the meal during lunch would have to finish it OFF during Dinner. Especially My Mom's Bak Kut Teh, very Nice & OriGinal, but so Big portion that we can Eat for 5 days!!! Crazy bo??

For those Gods who have been blesSing us every now and then, we will pray with Fruits

Got TangeriNe, got Lokam = Gold , Got poMelo = Lok Yao , got Fat Gou = Fat ar!!

For Dei Zi Gong (Dewa Tanah), special abit. Got PiNeapPle

tiMe for Bokeh Shot

PiNeapple = Ong Lai

OK...let me show You those FoooooooD

Ceng Ceng Ceng....Bak Kut Teh with Garlic, Dou Pok, Kaki Babi, Perut Babi

Dou Chiong = Fish fish = Nian nian You Yu!!

CauLiFlower with soMe Decoration

Xun Zai = Sun Sun Lei Lei - NiCe coLour Combination!!

Nai You Har = Har Har Dai Xiew (HappiNess) - TiGer prawn Yea!! Gift from My part tiMe boss^^

aNother sHot of My faVourite SeaFood - wonder why So dark geh?? YuMmy bo??

Let Me briNg you to BeHinD the Scene LOL

DiNing table

Mee in the Making

Last but not least, let me Present you mY Mom^^ the Chef for all TiMes
stoLe this shot because she dislikes people take her picture - Shhh...

Just now she saw My post and asked "so Nice one the Food?" - actually it was what she Cooked Haha!!
Then I said " Of course la...must see who is the Photographer ma *SmiLe* "

Me & My PenGuin that used to be My Huggy toy when I was smaLL

My New Bed Sheet & PenGuin^^


  1. So much food. See also hungry de. T_T

  2. Hehe...Meant to Be


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