Jan 1, 2009

Brand New year of 2009

It is a brand new year of 2009 and this post will be the KickStart of the Year.

More and More hitoMi - in case you have No idea who is this HitoMi^^

Slightly Blur - shaky hands LOL

Watashiwa Hitomi Gosetsuke Des

Dell lappie with hiTomi - if only it was Mine

Haiz....Frustrated Look - the fringe so Long edi - should I trim it?

suMiMasen - hitomi is suffering from Long term Panda eYes + the day before I went Times Square and rushed for my Financial Management group assignment (not enough sleep)

Better Put the shade On^^ it is Gucci Ori

Happy New Year everybody - it is a brand new start and make a brand new LIFE!!

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